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Best Mobile Tracker app for smart phone tracking

2020 is the year of the Digital Revolution and it has made us realise how indispensable technology has become.  This increasing dependence on the Internet has made us susceptible to various cyber threats, online bullying and frauds. The most vulnerable section to cyber crimes of our society is our kids who have become technologically savvy and addicted to their smartphones. Smartphone has become a vital part of their lives primarily because-

  • All the lectures are being conducted online
  • Google is needed to research on relevant topics
  • All the doubts and discussion takes place on messaging apps primarily WhatsApp
  • Since going outside is not an option, children depend on their smartphone for their entertainment
  • Social Media is very popular among kids and they spend a large amount of time interacting with peers on it 

But we all know exposing them to the online world without proper monitoring can be very dangerous. So what can we do and how can we keep an eye on our kids to be sure they are not on or being led to a wrong track?
Don’t worry, we may have got you covered with our very own application KIDS MOBILE TRACKER which will help you track if your ward is safely using his/her smartphone without landing himself/herself in any jeopardy. 

KIDS TRACKERS allows you to track your kid’s smartphone and that too without them knowing! Get a good idea of what are your kids up to so that you remain accountable to their lives and hence they remain the same in the uncertain online sphere.



Now you can always know where your kids are! After the app is installed you can find the live location of your kids every 15 minutes and GPS helps you to track where they are heading too. 

This app allows you to keep the history of all the places your ward visited with high accuracy. Be extra prepared with KIDS TRACKER and always know about their whereabouts.


This feature allows you to-

  • Keep a tab on all the sent and received messages and attachments, even the deleted ones
  • Check the time when your kids were last online even if read receipts are off
  • Get information on their WhatsApp call durations and call logs and the WhatsApp locations shared by them

See all the chat history and live chats too with our Facebook tracking feature. You can also download the photos shared on FB and hence make sure your kid is not sharing photos which might be used against him/her by online bullies.


Geo-Fencing is the ultimate feature to make sure your kids return home safely from school and are not visiting locations which might be unsafe for them. This application will help you mark the areas as unsafe and safe. 

You can mark as many locations as you want to and hence helps you to be the guardian for your kids even when you are not present with them. 

This way you are just one alert away for if your kid enters into an unsafe area!

  1. SMS

Most of the scammers today use SMSes to target the gullible victims and it can also be used to influence your kids without your knowledge.

To make sure your kid is safe from them this feature allows you to track

  • The message content
  • Number of times the messages were sent and received 
  • The date and time of these messages

Kids have no maturity to understand what’s good or bad for them and many people involved in illegal activities, the fraud-take advantage of this. Which makes it important to keep a track of with whom they are talking to. 

By Call Recordings feature we can see what is being discussed during the call and with whom. 

Along with this, we can even make sure that kids are not being bullied or forced into something wrong by their peers.


With the help of Skype Tracking check with whom they are having conversations with and get the history of chats along with call logs. 


Telegram Tracking  feature will allow you to check:

  • The list of groups and channels they have subscribed
  • Track all the chat  lists including secret chats and time chats
  • Be informed about the files, photos, attachments etc.

With Viber not being the popular means of communication, kids resort to it because there are not many tracking features available for it. But we at KIDS TRACKER have made sure that we leave no stones unturned for your kid’s safety. 

Similar to Whatsapp Tracking feature this feature allows you to keep a track on all the sent and received messages or attachments and also keep a tab on call logs. 


With the help of this feature, you can have a complete application that your kid installed. You are also provided you with the liberty to block the applications or if you find them unsafe or not suited for their age.


Inspect all the photos your kid has ever captured, shared or downloaded and hence keeping a tab they are having a healthy online environment suitable for their age.


Kids can be easily manipulated and hence it becomes very important to safeguard from any bad influence. With Browsing History tracking feature keep a tab on your kid’s browser usage by:

  1. Blocking as many sites URL or Sites you don’t want them to access
  2. Get a detailed list of browsing history even from the private mode along with a timestamp.

This is the most prominent feature of KIDS TRACKER which you can use for your phone too. If your phone is stolen or lost, this feature allows you to:

  1. Find out the live GPS location of your phone
  2. Put your phone on silent or ring it when you want
  3. Use both front and back camera to capture a photo or just disable them
  4. Format or reset the phone

Overall this feature acts as a guard to your phone and makes sure that your valuable information is protected along with making it easier to search your phone. 


To add more features for more convenience for you, we keep releasing updates for the app. We have made the process easier by letting you Update the application from your device without your kid’s knowledge at just one click!

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