Battery Optimization Settings

Please Disable any of Battery saver, Sleeping apps, Background restriction, etc options in your device. When battery saver is turned on, the system places restrictions on all apps. This is an existing feature that is improved with Android 9.x and 10.x.

Note: The list of Battery saver/Battery optimization/Power management options can vary between Android versions and Mobile models.

Some examples :

  1. Settings-apps-installed apps-SECURITY SERVICES-Battery or Power saver- Allow Background running-set to ON
  2. Settings-apps-SECURITY SERVICES-Battery-No restrictions – set to ON
  3. Settings-Battery-Power saving mode – set to OFF

Some Samsung Devices

  1. Settings-Device Care-Battery-App power management – Adaptive Battery – set to OFF and Put unused apps to sleep – set to off. (if you turn on Adaptive battery and unused apps to sleep options Kidstracker app won’t work properly).

Some One Plus Devices

  1. Settings-Battery-Battery optimization- SECURITY SERVICES– Select-Don’t optimize.
  2. Settings-Battery-Battery optimization-select: Three vertical dots icon-Advanced optimization – Adaptive Battery and sleep standby optimization options set to OFF.

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