Samsung Android 13.x Guide

These Settings must be properly configured to keep Kids Tracker working.

  1. Settings => Battery and device care => Battery
    Background usage limits
    Put unused apps to sleep => Turn OFF 
    More battery settings
    Adaptive battery => Turn OFF
  2. Settings => Battery and device care => Memory => Excludes apps => Add apps => « Security Services » => Add
  3. Settings => Apps => « Security Services » => Mobile data => Allow background data usage & Allow data usage while Data saver is on => Turn ON
  4. Settings => Apps => « Security Services » => Permissions => Location => Allow all the time
  5. Hide app on the home screen
    1. Swipe up to open the App Drawer from the home screen
    2. Tap the three dots on the top-right edge of the screen
    3. Select “Settings” => Select “Hide apps
    4. Select ” Security Services
    5. Done

App Not Installing?

Getting the above error? Follow the below steps

Click long press on Security Services App icon => Click on Info Button

Click on 3 Dots on the right side icons

Click on Allow Restricted Settings button – Allow restricted setting

Activate accessibility

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