Settings for ASUS Model

In some conditions like low battery, few Android devices can go into different power modes due to this app sync may not work

In general, devices go out of power saver mode automatically when connected to charger.

For this model a special feature called Auto Start Manager, it controls automatic app launching when the phone is rebooted/restarted.

After post installation settings, the app displayed in the => Downloaded => List, but the toggle => Start Automatically – remains in the “ Deny” position

Follow the below steps

  • Find => Settings => Power Management
  • Power Management => Auto-Start Manager
  • Auto-Start Manager => Downloaded => Security Services => Allow/ Enable/Turn ON
  • Notice=> OK

If you are not getting Data from the app, Go to Settings and Power Saving Modes

  • Power Management => Battery Modes => Power Saving(disable this option)  => Switch to Normal Mode
  • In Smart Switch tab, Disable Automatic Switching

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